When you say recycled, rescued and re-purposed materials, what does this mean?

Aside from the paint and glue used in the construction, and the wooden bases on the Towers, most materials have been recycled, rescued or reused in some way. The base for the castles are coffee cans, coated in paper mache pulp made from recycled office paper, shredded and donated. Cardboard, cereal boxes, yarn, coffee cup sleeves, construction leftovers, discarded jewelry fragments are just some of the materials used in creating my Dream Castles. Decorative elements used on some castles have been given to me by friends and family who no longer need them and were planning on tossing them into the trash. I've found many ways to re-purpose these items. I feel that recycling and rescuing items for re-use is very important to the well being of our earth. I try, whenever possible, to use everyday items, or items I've "invented" as tools in the construction of my banks. From beginning to end, I try to keep Neisha's Dream Castles as kind to the earth as possible.


Why can't the Fortress be opened?

The Fortresses are meant to be just that - a fortress for your money. I always had difficulty saving my coins for longer than a few months. I'd tried taping and gluing containers shut, with no luck. It seemed like as soon as I had a little saved, something would break, or some unseen expense would come up - and *poof* there went my savings. It wasn't until I welded coffee cans together that I was finally able to properly save my change. Their purpose is for long term savings - thousands of dollars for a dream vacation or to help with college education for the kids. Back in the depression, and throughout history, saving was a person's own responsibility. This is a more decorative and more secure version of keeping your money "under the mattress".


Is there a Fortress that can be opened?

Yes, for an additional fee of $25, your Dream Castle can be made to open and seal easily. I don't recomend this though, unless you are a very fast and diligent saver.

Can a Tower be Sealed?

As of now, no. Their small size makes the concept unfunctional.


How do I keep my Dream Castle beautiful for years to come?

Dream Castles are made primarily from paper and tin, so 1st and foremost - Keep Away from Water and Fire! These are INDOOR pieces ONLY.
Keep the kitties away if they think it's a scratching post.
I would recommend keeping it away from direct sunlight, in case of fading.
You can dust by using a soft paint brush, or compressed air (don't put too close).
Nicks or scratches can be touched up with craft paint. (If you want a perfect match, email me, as I might have the colors used in my files)

Do You Ship? Yes. For a fee, I can ship to anywhere in the continental United States. International shipping will need to be discussed prior to ordering.

How long does it take to complete a custom order?

4-6 weeks depending on the type of bank, elements requested, and season.

What is involved in a custom order?

I think this page will answer all of your questions and help you to create your perfect Dream Castle. Ordering Information

How custom is custom?

Aside from the availability of certain decorative elements, the possibilities are endless!

Specific areas to customize to your decor are:

* Color of stonework

* Color of windows

* 2 styles of windows - arched or gothic

* Vining and flowered element design - sculpted vines or yarn vinework - with flowers or without.

* Colors of flowers and vines

* Door style and color of wood

* Color of conical top for the towers

* Optional initialed "coat of arms" above door. (For additional charge)

* Additions of elements such as landscaping stones, or fun items such as a unicorn.


Where can I find Neisha's Dream Castles for sale?

I truly enjoy doing custom orders, but usually do an art show or renaissance faire a couple of times a year. Check out the main page for event information.

I would like to donate items to Neisha's Dream Castles. Are there supplies you need?

Yes! If you would like to donate any items to help with my castle creations, I welcome it greatly. Donations keep my castles as earth friendly as possible. The items get a 2nd life and are kept out of the landfills. It's a win-win situation! In addition, I've recently adopted a Cans for Castles program. If you're thinking about ordering a castle, make sure to ask around through your friends and family. For each non-plastic coffee can, I'll take $1 off. Have 10 coffee cans? That's $10 off.


Items most needed: (Any of these items cans be brought to an event. )

***Coffee Cans, CAN NOT BE PLASTIC- I prefer those that have a rim on top, but any coffee can, large or small, is greatly appreciated. Small cans are greatly needed...each castle bank has at least 3 cans, so I need these most! Kroger 11.5oz cans are especially treasured.

Bubble Wrap - to keep them safe during transport.

Foam board - I believe the thickness is standard at 1/4". Any color is fine

Spray paint. Any and all :) Many people have 1/2 cans of spray paint in their garages that will never be used, and then end up in the landfill. I use spray enamel to coat the cans from rust, and then make sure the empty cans get a proper disposal.

Small Artificial flowers. I use several elements from artificial flowers. It doesn't matter, really, what shape they are in, or how old they are, as I give each element a new purpose.

Little Toys. LITTLE toys. Normally the stuff that is the last remaining bit in the bottom of the toy box when you're cleaning it out. Like plastic horses, little boxes or bottles. Little swords or treasure chests. LITTLE stuff. If you're unsure, just send me an email

Broken Jewelry - If I can't use it, I know of several who can!

Coffee Sleeves
- Like These --->