Sold Mini-Fortresses

The Mini-Fortress is approx 23" tall and has an diameter of approx 7". They are completely impregnable, except for the money slot at the top. These are created for those of us who like to save our change, but always seem to spend it before it can be used for fun purposes. We estimate you can easily save $10,000 in a large fortress. (You can save $1,700 in just quarters or $1000 if you toss in only dimes!) They are very heavy once filled, so as your bank fills up, you may need to reconsider it's placing in the home. Directions for opening and repair are included.

Custom Mini-Fortresses start at $60.

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Mini Fortresses are about 1/2 the size of the standard fortress.
They are smaller in height and diameter. They have 1 central window.


#212 -Pam's Autumn Beauty




Suzanne's Mini-Fortress #410

Suzanne's Mini-Fortress #411


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