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Please use these as ideas for your own custom castle.

Each Tower is approximately 21" tall with it's removable cone top.

Custom Towers start at $60








#167 ~ By the Sea

#360 Nahala's Sunken Tower - Custom

Rapunzel's Tower

#151 Pirate Tower


Red Zen

Full View
Window Detail
Door & Tree Detail
Vine Detail
With Copper Cone
With Black Cone

Deep Ice

Full View
Window Detail
Door Detail
Snowflakes Around Base

#49 ~ Pink Zen

#50 ~ Woodland Amethyst 2

#64 ~ Teal Zen

#85 ~ White Gothic


# 23b ~ Autumn's Unicorn Tower

Custom work for a girl who loves unicorns
Vining detail
Aqua and ice swirl window detail.
Unicorn and the gem on the door are extra elements she requested.
Unicorn detail.

#31 ~ Becky's Tower
Gifted Custom Tower. She loves yellow & blue, as well as daisies.

This was meant to be a bank to help her save for missions trips, so I added the cross above the door as an extra touch.

Sorry about the lack of light. It's winter here so natural light is hard to come by.

Detail of window area and the sculpted vining.

#32 ~ Beth's Ruby Tower
Custom tower based off of "Red Zen". Same colorscheme, although 2 trees instead of vining.
Close up of the solid red window.
Door detail. Lots of flowers, a small and a medium tree. I added the red gem on the door as an extra little token.
Dark Copper roof detail

#66 ~ Molly's Lavender Romance

Custom "Lavender Romance" based off of Becky's Tower
With Copper Cone Option
Lots of Purples and Yellows. Extra flowers
A Shimmery Effect to the Lavender Swirl Window A White Rose Requested, as it is a Sentimental Symbol in her Marriage

#46 ~ Devynne's Under the Sea Tower
Under the Sea Castle
Based loosely on Disney's The Little Mermaid
Built around this fish
and this seahorse
Sea shells, glittery rocks, real beach sand, and her favorite, bubbles.
The back of the castle base

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